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"Getting your project started requires research and planning in several different areas."

General preparations- Before you can get financing you will need to be able to prove to the lending institution that you can successfully contract your own house. You will have to research the building and zoning laws in your area, set up accounts with suppliers, and contact a house plan provider.

Building lot/property- There are several factors which will influence your choice of lot/property.

Home plans/Specifications- Where do you get plans and how do you determine specifications for your project?

Engineering- Do you need the services of a structural or geotechnical engineer?

Building permit-You will need a building permit to construct your home. Here is how to get one.

Subcontractors and bidding- Hiring good subcontractors is one of the keys to a successful building project.

Lien Waiver - Learn how to financially protect yourself and your project.

Contracts and scheduling- Learn the projected time line for your project. Also become familiar with the common contracts and paperwork associated with building your home.

Financing- Whether you are building your dream home or adding on to your current home, you are going to need money. We will show you where to find money, and some resourceful ways of getting your loan approved.



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